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Fans From All Over Europe Are Coming Together to Stop the Super League

Fans are coming together and trying to stop the creation of the Super League.


As Americans, we don't understand how soccer fans, excuse me, football fans are feeling about the newly proposed Super League. We live in our own bubble with our major four sports. Other than a few expansion teams or relocations, we never experience a true league shake-up. We never have to worry about relegation or playing in a bunch of different tournaments. So when we hear that the best teams from each league want to form their own league, we think it's a sick idea.

In Europe, it's different. They eat, sleep, and breathe soccer. The passion is a little different than what we have here. Does our NFL team stinks? That's fine because our MLB or NBA team is looking good this year. For a lot of soccer fans, their club is all they have. It's the only sport they truly care about. It's a little confusing, but the perfect analogy I heard is with college football. Imagine if Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Texas, and all the big-time programs formed their own conference and took all the money with them. They then tell the rest of the teams to fuck off because they're sick and tired of funding them. Obviously, that's not good for the die-hard fans. I'm sure the casuals would enjoy, but we know the die-hards that live and die with each down would be pissed. Rightfully so. Fans from all over Europe are coming together to stop the Super League.

I would be pissed if American owners tried to completely change the landscape of an entire sport because of money. It's like if Chinese owners took over the MLB and threw every tradition out of the book. That's what's happening. The majority of these Super League teams are owned by Americans and Russians trying to make a profit. Capitalism baby.

Hopefully, the Super League doesn't pass. We should all root against greedy billionaires. All the fans want is for these foreigners to not ruin the leagues they all love.

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