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Fans are back and are already doing dumb shit

Fans are back in the building doing dumb shit again.

Stephen A. Bayless

Although it's been great to see sports back during the pandemic, it wasn't the same because fans weren't in the building. No one was there to heckle opposing players, boo their own players for sucking, or have brawls in the crowd like this.

With vaccinations rolling out, we're getting normalcy back in the sports world. Although fans are great for the game, they can also do some dumb shit to make the rest of the fanbase look bad.

Russell Westbrook and Trae Young experienced some fucked up shit last night. Let's start with Westbrook first.

A Philly fan threw popcorn at Westbrook, and he was immediately ready to throw hands. What's with fans and Westbrook going at it? Remember when there was the incident in Utah a few years ago? If you know anything about Westbrook, he might be the last person you want to mess with in the NBA. As you can see in that clip, he's not afraid to confront you if you do some dumb shit.

The Sixers released this statement, saying that the fan has been banned.

In New York, we had another incident involving Trae Young.

It looks like a fan spit at Trae Young. It didn't hit him, but it was clear it was intended for him. This is worse than the Westbrook incident, in my opinion. Spitting on someone is one of the biggest forms of disrespect. Not the smartest move, especially with COVID still going around. Also, that fan was lucky that spit didn't land on 50 Cent. If it did, he probably would've ended that fan's life.

Other than the spitting incident, the Trae Young vs. the Garden crowd has been incredible. It's one of the main reasons why the Knicks vs. Hawks series has been one of the most entertaining first-round matchups.

Having fans back in the building has been awesome. Fans from Philly and NYC doing stupid shit? Nature is healing.

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