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Every Washed Up Guard is Rumored to Play for the Knicks

The offseason began weeks ago for the Knicks. Which means every player in the NBA will be rumored to land in NYC.

Stephen A. Bayless

In typical Knicks fashion, there were reports that not one, not two, but THREE players are rumored to be on the Knicks radar.

It's so god damn hard to be a Knicks fan. I don't care what anyone says but there's no team that gets kicked in the balls more than the New York fucking Knicks.

You want to generate clicks and drive traffic to your website/social media account? It's simple. Work for a credible news company, make the headline "Knicks are rumored to trade/sign X player", and watch the traffic come in!

Although none of these "reports" will become true, if I had to pick one I'll go for the CP3 trade. PG carries too mach baggage with him and I think Oladipo's days of being an all star guard is limited. At the minimum, CP3 will set a positive culture for the young core.

Remember when the Knicks traded Porzingis for cap space? This time they're trading for culture. Although once I think about it, wherever CP3 plays always ends up in a disaster....... he's perfect for the Knicks.

As the offseason moves along, expect more Knicks rumors to trickle along your timeline. Will they ever get it right? Let's hope they do because we're on our way to seeing a poor Knicks fan on top of the Empire State Building yelling "I'll do it!"

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