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ESPN Colombia Analyst Gets Destroyed By Massive TV

A massive flat-screen TV fell on ESPN Colombia analyst Carlos Orduz.


How is this guy alive?

It looks like his entire back shattered the second the studio TV made an impact with the analyst, Carlos Orduz. Great job by the producers immediately cutting away from that shot. Although, I wish they stayed on that shot. Also, everyone in the room stayed calm. I would've been freaking out if a massive flatscreen fell on one of my co-workers.

The host looked at the camera and kept it moving. I'm not sure what he said, but it appears he went to commercial break so they could get the massive piece of metal off of my man Carlos.

According to reports, Carlos Orduz luckily is not injured. Wrong move there. If I were Carlos, I would've milked the shit out of it. Get a few days of paid injured leave. I guess people in Colombia are built different. One of the funniest clips I've seen on the internet the past few days.

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