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COVID Is Once Again Ruining College Basketball

COVID is once again ruining the NCAA tournament.


It's been a little over a year since COVID took the best tournament in sports away from us. We're here a year later and COVID is back on its bullshit.

Let's start with Duke. Their disastrous season finally comes to an end. According to reports, a walk-on got COVID, leading Duke to forfeit. Sucks for them because they were finally playing better as of late. Coach K is probably relieved this nightmare season is finally over. He no longer needs to scream at student reporters after they lose.

I'm not worried about Duke. This was a strange year for obvious reasons. We know Coach K is going to reload. I'm sure they will have a handful of 5-stars coming in.

For Virginia, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Virginia has been one of the few respectable teams in the ACC. Sitting the rest of the ACC tournament out and getting ready for the big dance might be a move. We've seen teams blow their load in the conference tournament just to lose in the tournament that matters.

I hope this doesn't become a thing in the tournament. If teams have to forfeit because one guy gets COVID... Let's hope for a nice and healthy March Madness.

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