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Coach K is retiring after this upcoming season

Coach K is calling it a career after 40+ years at Duke.

Stephen A. Bayless

It's truly an end of an era for college basketball in North Carolina. A few months ago, Roy Williams announced his retirement. Now, Coach K is calling it quits after this season. Two blue blood programs will go through a major change.

Of course, Coach K is going to have a retirement tour. I mean, would Coach K really retire unless he gets his dick sucked by every ACC school next year? I would love a few schools to boo him on his retirement tours. How awesome would it have been if guys like Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant got booed in Boston when they were doing their retirement tour. I mean, it's the last chance you can boo your rival. It won't happen, but it would be funny.

With the Celtics news today, does this mean Brad Stevens is going to end up at Duke? No offense to Jon Scheyer, but he doesn't bring the excitement you expect Duke basketball to bring. He's been there forever, so I'm sure Coach K taught him the ropes on how to hide paying players and keep a squeaky clean image.

In all seriousness, college basketball is going to feel super weird without Roy Williams and Coach K. Is Boeheim next? With how college basketball coaches need to compete with the transfer portal and alternate leagues, I could see a lot of old-school coaches retiring soon. The game is moving too fast for their liking. These guys need to control everything, and the new wave of players and overall philosophy of college basketball is leaving them in the dust. Adapt or die. I'm just preparing myself for the nauseating amount of coverage Coach K is going to get this year. This probably won't be the last we see of him.

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