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Boston Went From Hero To Zero in 2020

Is a dark era of losing coming back after two decades of dominance?


The long, dark road, also known as 2020, comes to an end tonight. It's been the worst year of our lifetimes. COVID, social injustice issues, and the election highlight a year that everyone wants to put behind.

I know Boston sports fans want to wake up from this nightmare. A city that seemed to win a championship every year quickly found themselves in a spot they haven't been in a while. Star players are gone and playoff streaks are snapping. Not just star players, I'm talking about absolute legends of the game.

Let's break down 2020 for each team. Some are in better positions than others, but jeez. I guess people are right when they say good things don't last forever.


The biggest news to come out of Boston was the departure of Tom Brady. It was rumored for months, but no one actually thought Tom Brady was going to turn into Tompa Brady. It was supposed to be a story-book finish. Bill and Tom were going to put number seven in the trophy case and ride off together happily ever after. It wasn't supposed to end like this.

Brady and his new team will march into the playoffs while the Patriots watch from home for the first time in 11 years.

The Pats head into this offseason looking for their next Tom Brady. That's an impossible task, but they'll find someone that will right the ship. I'm not worried about the Patriots. As long as you have the greatest coach of all time leading the way, there's nothing to worry about in Foxborough. Just a painful year to watch your ex strive while you feel like you're going in reverse.


The Red Sox probably had the worst/wildest year out of any team in sports.

They started by firing their manager, Alex Cora. Cora was involved in the Astros cheating scandal and was expected to be suspended for the whole season. The Red Sox fired him, leaving them with no manager going into Spring Training. Ron Roenekie ended up taking over.

About a month later, the team shipped their best player in Mookie Betts along with David Price to the Dodgers. This came after the team failed to come to an agreement with the stud right fielder. Other than Brady leaving the Pats, this was the biggest loss to Boston sports. Guys like Brady and Bruins defenceman Zdeno Chára are on the back-end of their careers. Mookie was supposed to be the face of Boston sports for years to come.

As expected, the Red Sox finished as one of the worst teams in baseball. The team had no structure all year. There was no long-term manager in place. It seemed like the whole organization was lost. Then boom!

Getty Images, Billie Weiss

They brought back Alex Cora to become their manager again.

I'm not sure how this team is going to look in 2021. At least they have a plan. It seems like they're going to completely forget what happened last year. With some aging players on big contracts, it will be interesting what they do in the coming months.


2020 had to give one last dagger to Boston fans before the year ended.

The 14 year Bruins legend announced he and the team agreed to part ways as the team looks to go younger. I don't follow hockey as much as I do the other sports, but I know this is a big deal. It's like the Yankees telling Derek Jeter to kick rocks. To be honest, if the Bruins knew this was going to happen, pretty classless to just cut him without giving anyone a heads up.

The Bruins had a disappointing end to their season. They still have one of the best teams in the NHL. The one complaint I hear most is their owner sucks. Apparently, he keeps changing the seating at the TD Garden and is a big time penny pincher.


The Celtics have been one of the more interesting teams in the NBA the past few years.

They also seem to lose a key piece every year but they keep ending up in the Eastern Conference Finals. Out of all four teams in Boston, the Celtics have the brightest future in my opinion. They have a young star in Jayson Tatum, along with strong supporting pieces in players like Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker, and Marcus Smart.

They still need one more piece to be taken as serious threats. Losing Gordon Hayward was tough, but after seeing what Charlotte gave to him, I wouldn't be too upset losing him. Who knows, maybe Danny Ainge pulls some strings and lands James Harden in a mega deal.

As long as the Celtics continue this path, they'll be fine. Just don't be like the Red Sox and let your young, bright star out the door for a bag of peanuts.

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