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Best NBA Duo Makes Finals to face Lebron James and Anthony Davis

Miami Heat takes on former/betrayed player in the NBA Finals.

Stephen A. Bayless

Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley get the matchup they've wanted since the summer of 2014.

Although it wasn't a big deal at the time, I know the savage that Pat Riley is always wanted a shot at Lebron, and what better way than face him in the NBA Finals.

For Spoelstra, he was cast away to the side and never got the credit he deserved coaching those Heat teams in the early 2010s. He now has a chance to prove that it wasn't just the Big 3 that won those championships.

Vegas is giving the Lakers a huge edge right now with their opening odds being -400 to win. The most popular pick I'm seeing is Lakers in 6 games but I think the Heat has a really good chance to win.

Adebayo is going to be the hardest matchup AD faces defensively all playoffs and there's no staff that knows Lebron more than Spoelstra and Riley. The talent might be too much to handle but we all know Miami is going to fight until they lose 4 games.

Another reason why I'm not big on the Lakers is that Frank Vogel doesn't have that winning coach vibe. Always appeared he will make it to the conference finals before he gets his doors blown off but kudos to him for not ruining Lebron's legacy.... for now.

The motivation and pettiness both sides have for each other are amazing. This is the perfect ending for what has been a very entertaining NBA playoff in the bubble.

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