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Ben Simmons returns to Philadelphia after holding out the entire offseason

It appears Ben Simmons will remain as a 76er... for now.


Over the weekend, Woj reported Ben Simmons arrived at the Sixers facility. He went through COVID testing and seems like he's ready to end his hold out.

What a strange holdout. You know your career isn't going well when you try to get traded when your trade value is at an all-time low. I guess Simmons figured out no one wants to take on his contract and his inability to shoot as a point guard. Instead of losing money every day on fines, might as well play and bring that trade value back up.

I can't wait for the Sixers home opener now. After spitting in the face of the Philadelphia faithful, Ben Simmons is going to return to the Wells Fargo Center with a shower of boos from Sixers fans. Simmons thought it was bad in the playoffs? Wait until they get a hold of him after the reports about how he feels about Philly fans.

Also, Marcus Hayes from the Philadelphia Inquirer went on the Dan Patrick Show and had a few interesting comments about Simmons.

Some harsh comments from Hayes calling Simmons Kobe Bryant without heart. He also mentioned how Simmons only cares about money. That's why he ended his lockout.

It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Will Simmons get traded by the trade deadline? Or will he turn his fortunes around and finally live up to expectations? Going to be one interesting year in Philly.

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