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Ben Simmons plans on never playing another game for the 76ers again

Ben Simmons will not report to training camp next week. Is the Ben Simmons era in Philadelphia about to be over?

Stephen A. Bayless

I think Philadelphia fans are sick and tired of Ben Simmons. I'm not from Philly, and even I'm sick and tired of all this Ben Simmons drama.

For NBA fans across the country, they're praying their team doesn't mortgage their future for Simmons. Simmons has the skillset to be an elite-level player, but his lack of offensive game is concerning. It's one thing to be a flat-out bad shooter. It's another thing to be what Ben Simmons is. How can you be a guard in today's game and not even attempt to shoot a three? Maybe it's best for Simmons to attend training camp and work on his shot.

For the Sixers, it seems like their price tag on Simmons is really high. That's why I'm mortified if I hear my team in the mix for Simmons. What's it going to take? At least a few firsts and some solid players? Curious to see if Daryl Morey is going to lower the price tag. It was reported a few months ago that the Sixers were looking for a package that includes De'Aaron Fox from the Kings.

It's probably best for Simmons to move to a smaller market. Playing in Philadelphia with those brutal fans clearly affected how he plays. Also tough to win the fan base over when Joel Embiid is the clear fan favorite.

Will a trade be done before the season starts? Is Simmons willing to lose money and sit games out? I have a feeling it's only going to get messier.

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