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Barstool Sports Rejects Darren Rovell vs. PFT Commenter Rough N' Rowdy Match

Barstool Sports rejects Darren Rovell vs. PFT Commenter boxing match.


Rough N' Rowdy has become one of the most entertaining pieces of content the internet has to offer. It's usually two guys from West Virginia duking it out for some extra cash. With the recent surge of celebrity boxing matches, Rough N' Rowdy hosted their first celebrity boxing match last week.

We saw Jose Canseco take a dive at the most recent Rough N' Rowdy. How much did Canseco make for 10 seconds of fighting?

With celebrities making serious dough, Darren Rovell shot his shot and wanted to be the next main event at Rough N' Rowdy.

Now, if you don't know who Darren Rovell is, he's the top nerd for the sports internet world. If you read his tweets, he takes pride in it. He tweets a lot about the business side of sports. If you're ever wondering what type of grass is used in NFL stadiums or how much a 1946 World Series ticket stub costs, he's your guy.

When I first started to follow Rovell, I didn't put much attention on him. He was just a dude from ESPN that liked to talk about how much a 30-second ad costs in the Milwaukee area for a Bucks vs. T-Wolves game. As he got bigger, I realized he loved going viral starting with this clip.

Ugh, I cringe every time I watch this video. There's no way a human being actually moves like this.

After this clip, I felt like he started to do more things that would get him viral. He started doing weird challenges like dumping cheese wiz all over himself. After all, he is a business reporter and he knows what trends people like.

I'm sure after Rovell saw how much Canseco made, he quickly realized he could make a quick buck and go viral. He challenged popular podcaster, PFT Commenter.

Of course PFT accepted the fight, but under one condition.

As the two went back and forth, Rovell announced the fight wasn't happening.

To be honest, I was a little surprised Barstool rejected this because it appears they allow anyone to get in the ring. Although it would've been funny to see Rovell get his ass kicked, I understand why Barstool didn't pull the trigger.

At the end of the day, all Rovell wants is to stay relevant. As I said, he LOVES going viral. I'm sure Barstool can find a bigger name to headline a Rough N' Rowdy match, so might as well save that $2 million.

My dream Rough N' Rowdy in the sports media world would probably be Skip Bayless vs. Stephen A. Smith. Maybe Mike Greenberg vs. Mike Golic. Whoever it is, I'm excited to see who's next to step in the ring.

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