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Zion Williamson's family is unhappy with New Orleans...

Zion out of NOLA? It's been reported that Zion Williamson's family wants him on another team.

Stephen A. Bayless

Another day, another young star unhappy in his current situation. Although it was reported that Zion's family is unhappy with how the Pelicans are running things, I think we all know it means Zion isn't thrilled to be in New Orleans either.

After "parting ways" with Stan Van Gundy, the Pelicans are back to square one. As a team, they didn't make any progress. For a team that has so much young talent, I think we all expected the Pelicans to make another step this season. They now stare at an offseason where they need to find another coach and pieces to surround Zion and Brandon Ingram. But honestly, can New Orleans build out a winner?

I don't think it's impossible to build a winner in a small market. Look at what Utah and Phoenix are building. The question is whether New Orleans can acquire a veteran presence that can help change the culture. We saw what Chris Paul did with the Suns. Culture is probably the most overused term in sports. Although it's overused and sometimes overrated, it is important to establish the core nucleus of leaders to help move the ship in the right direction. Coaches can babble on about installing the right system, but at the end of the day, it's the player's job to make the culture work.

Zion's not going to hit the free-agent market for a while, but this is a situation that's worth monitoring. I can already see the whole narrative of Zion to the Knicks starting... Why did he have to look like a kid in a candy store while talking about playing in New York?

Get the Zion photoshops ready...

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