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Woman Puts Gorilla Glue in Her Hair

Idiot or genius? You decide


Behind every notice or warning in this world, there is a story. I always wondered how some of these came to be. Obviously, most warnings are there for legal purposes, but some are due to the public's mishandling of a product. The most recent example is the Tide Pods fiasco from a few years back. Tide had to respond with commercials, press statements, and even redesign their tide pod container to be baby proof (despite young adults being the ones who decided to snack on them). I thought that was the pinnacle of human idiocy, until Gorilla Glue girl emerged.

She was able to chop her ponytail off - TMZ

This woman had run out of hair spray so she decided to use industrial strength adhesive spray instead. It is considered permanent and waterproof, making it nearly impossible to wash out of her hair. Her hair can be seen in her videos, it is as hard as a rock and washing it doesn't even penetrate the film covering her dome. Obviously, this woman is a fool for putting Gorilla Glue in her hair, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn't done foolish things in my life as well. Of course I’d just retreat back to my cave post-mistake to lick my wounds instead of blasting my mistake all over social media.

What this woman did was a monumental screw up. She's spent six weeks looking for solutions, not realizing her best chance is to just shave her head. Now since I am a cynic, after I thought about how stupid you need to be to put gorilla glue in your hair as an adult, my second thought was did she do this on purpose? Last March that chick licked a public toilet seat for clout, this could easily be another popularity stunt. After looking around it seems she has gained thousands of followers from this, and now she is considering suing. Apparently the warning label saying to keep out of “eyes, skin, and clothing” wasn't enough to deter her. Turns out, she will even be flying to LA soon because some surgeon claims he has the remedy to save her hair.


This story truly has me torn in half. Part of me feels bad, a mistake with consequences spanning nearly two months. On the other hand if she sues or uses her stupid nature to try and become famous, I will resent her. Although I cannot lie, if she thinks she has grounds to sue for this I will most definitely be exploring my options in the near future. Where would the line be drawn? If this case could produce a millionaire, my only remaining option is to consume a Firestone tire and then sue them.