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Woman protects dogs from bear and becomes internet hero

Would you fight a bear to save your dogs?


What would you do to protect your dogs? This woman might have the biggest pair of balls in the world and fought a damn bear to protect her pups.

I'm going to side with the bear for a second. You can see at the beginning of the video that she was protecting her cubs. I'm not sure where the dogs came from, but you can see two little bears underneath her before the dogs came out sprinting.

Back to the girl. Amazing this is on video because no one would believe her. Imagine walking into work the next day and telling your coworkers "Yeah, I beat up a bear to protect my dogs." Everyone would look at her like a lying lunatic. She has video evidence to flex on everyone.

How far would you go to protect your dog? I know everyone's going to say they'd do anything for their pups. But would you? Would you run and push a bear to protect your eight-year-old Chihuahua? When you go after a grizzly bear, it's a life-threatening decision. That bear could've easily mauled that girl and every one of her dogs. Luckily for the girl, the bear was a softy... unless it came back at her after the video ended.

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