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Woman Demands Apology From Tom Brady and Bucs

Daughter of the master silversmith demands an apology from Tom Brady.


Last week, the Bucs had an all-time parade. Everyone was drunk and feeling good about finally bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Tampa Bay. Of course, the parade had some legendary moments like this.

There are times when I see stuff on the internet and think to myself "no way this is real" I had one of those moments when I came across this video over the weekend.

Lorraine Grohs, now nicknamed "Karen Lombardi" did not appreciate Brady throwing the Lombardi Trophy like an actual football. She demands an apology to her father and the other silversmiths who made the trophy. Not only does she want an apology to her family and silversmiths, but she also wants an apology to the fans. I'm sure every Bucs fan is deeply upset about it. She was so shaken by the throw, she lost sleep for a few nights.

Damn, poor Lorraine. Please don't show the poor girl the video of Gronk denting the Lombardi Trophy after using it like a baseball bat.

Also, please don't show her Travis Kelce using the trophy as a beer luge.

Do these people even care about the feelings of silversmiths?!! When the Lombardi Trophy comes to mind, we obviously think about all the silversmiths who worked hard on the trophy. At the end of the day, the silversmiths and their families are the true stars of the Super Bowl.

Seriously though, there are some crazy lunatics in this world. I thought that video was an SNL skit. Hopefully, Lorraine and the silversmiths can finally get sleep at night because they're not getting that apology.