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Why Do I Keep Entering SNKRS Raffles?

One day, I'll come out on top.


Every few weeks I go into the SNKRS app and hope it's finally my time. At this point, I don't even care what the shoes look like. They can be made out of tin foil and have a retail price of $250. I want to feel victorious.

People were waiting for the much anticipated Off White x Jordan 5 Retro SP Sail.

I went to bed excited, but nervous. Telling myself, "Your time is now, don't let anyone get in your way." As my head hit the pillow, all I could think about is how much money I was going to make reselling these off white retro 5's. People we're saying these could be on the resell market for over $650! I just had a great feeling about finally coming out on top.

I woke up this morning anxiously waiting for the notification. Refreshing my Twitter timeline to see if anyone posted a screenshot saying they were selected. As my finger was about to hit the SNKRS app, I got a notification. Quickly, I clicked into the app without reading the notification to get the dreaded news.

To say I was heartbroken was an understatement. My anger quickly took over and I spiked my breakfast sandwich to the ground. When my mother told me I'll get it next time, that's when I snapped. In my 27 years knowing my mother, that comment put me over the edge. After I yelled at her, saying she'll never understand, I ran up to my room to sulk.

I started viciously DM'ing people who were gloating about being selected. Calling them sneakerhead low lives as tears were started to hit my screen. The worst part of all of this was seeing an eight-year-old win. Trust me, I was seconds away from messaging one of the most egregious things to this kid's father, but I decided to be the bigger man.

As people were calling me crazy, I took a step back to think about my actions. I quickly remembered the beautiful thing about SNKRS, is I'll have another opportunity to win something else. I went back down to apologize to my mother for being out of control. My father quickly stopped me with an infuriated look in his eyes with a belt in his hand. Not only did I lose on the SNKR's app, but as a 27-year-old man, I lost my dignity on the same day.

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