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Who's the Best Athlete in the Mahomes Family?

Patrick, Pat, or Jackson? Who's the best athlete in the family?


By now, everyone knows who Patrick Mahomes is. The world-class quarterback who does the unthinkable every game. Whether it's no-look passes or throwing 70-yard bombs, everyone is in awe of what he can do with the football.

I'm also sure everyone knows about his father. Every broadcast brings it up at least once a game whenever his son plays. Pat Mahomes pitched in the MLB for 11 seasons with numerous clubs. Although he was a below-average reliever, still impressive to have a career in the show for a decade-plus.

With all the athletic talent in the family, did you know about the other Mahomes? Yes, everyone might know Jackson as the Tik Tok dancer that mooches off his brother's fame, but he's much more than that.


Any girls want a basketball player?

♬ Becky G - Shower - tee

Bruh why am I so cold, like I swear no one wants to play me

♬ Adderall (Corvette Corvette) - Popp Hunna

back to my roots✌🏽

♬ Wet (She Got That…) [Slowed & Reverbed] - YFN Lucci

First off, I can't say anything. One, I can't dunk a basketball. It's always been my life goal, but as a 5'7" male (ladies, don't shame), it seems like an unlikely goal. Especially because I'm 27 years old. Second, if my brother was a world-class quarterback, I'd probably clout chase too. Listen, my father always told me it's not about how hard you work. It's about capitalizing on opportunities. Which is exactly what Jackson Mahomes has done.

Dunking a basketball is the peak for any athlete in my opinion. Every kid wants to dunk like MJ. For the haters in the comment section, let's see YOU dunk a basketball. Mix the sharpshooting and dunking with sweet moves on Tik Tok. Dare I say Jackson is the best athlete in the Mahomes family?

While everyone throws tomatoes at Jackson, I STAN HIM. He's living every teenager's dream. Become Tik Tok famous and dunk a basketball. The recipe for stardom in the 21st century.

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