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Where Is Kyrie Irving?

After leaving the team for personal reasons, Nets fans found their star point guard.

Stephen A. Bayless

There's no denying that the Brooklyn Nets constructed one of the best teams in the NBA the past few years. Sean Marks found diamonds in the rough, and they signed two of the best offensive playmakers in the league.

With KD and Kyrie leading the way, the Nets are primed to make a title run. They are as deep and talented as anyone in the league. On paper, they probably have the best roster in the NBA. However, there's been a slight detour the past few weeks. KD had to quarantine because of close contact and no one knows where Kyrie is. KD is back with the team, but Kyrie has been a no show.

Kyrie missed the last few games due to personal reasons. No one knows exactly what the reason is. He's just taking days off like how the rest of us use our PTO. If you're going to take time away from the team, maybe you shouldn't attend birthday parties where there's a shit ton of cameras.

If I were a Nets fan, I would be pretty pissed off seeing this. This season was supposed to be magical. All those hard years of watching a bottom-feeding team were finally supposed to pay off this season. Instead, your star point guard refuses to play, while he's seen partying with his family.

Now, it's not like Kyrie is out here going to strip clubs and popping bottles. He's celebrating his sister's birthday. It's just a gut punch for Nets fans, knowing he will probably be out at least another 7-10 days due to the league's strict COVID protocols.

The team seems to be OK with Kyrie taking some time off. When is it going to become too much time? The thing with Kyrie is, there are two possible outcomes. The first outcome is he comes back and balls out. The second is a written novel of an Instagram story on how he's sitting out the rest of the season to focus on other things. These are two completely different outcomes on the spectrum, but with Kyrie, any outcome is possible.

Like I said, when is it going to become too much time? The more time he misses will only contribute to being a bigger target and villain in this crazy world of sports.

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