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Whale Swallows Two Kayakers

Another reason to never enter the ocean under any circumstances.


A wise man once stated that you should fear the ocean. When the currents aren’t trying to kill you, thousands of creatures that call the sea home are waiting for their opportunity. I’ve never understood the appeal of oceans, to me they just seem like colder pools that leave you sandy and battered upon exit. Maybe it’s the fact that most of my experience comes from the Jersey shore, where black water meets sand you must pay to step on. Perhaps it was the fact I watched Jaws when I was far too young. Whatever the reason for my fear, I’d say it is well-founded. I see through the lies of Finding Nemo and Shark Tales as they try to portray most of the ocean's inhabitants as lovable creatures. You expect me to trust a whale or dolphin just because they aren’t inherently trying to murder me? Most drivers aren’t trying to hit someone with their car, but you still don’t see me sun-bathing on the freeway. That’s why this video doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. A Humpback whale nearly swallows a human being whole while they were out kayaking. Watch the video, you can see the person enter the whale’s mouth.

The only way you’ll see me near the ocean is either if I’m on the beach, or on the deck of a cruise ship. I mean, that 18-wheeler-sized whale just scooped up a full-grown adult with ease. The fact that something that large could be just feet below me while I'm clueless terrifies me. Thalassophobia is defined as “an intense and persistent fear of the sea” and I think everyone should have this. It’s natural to fear the powerful and unknown.

While it is admirable to conquer the unknown and to face fears, just know playing with the ocean is a slippery slope. One minute you’re casually riding a wave, and the next a 2,400 pound shark the size of an SUV with 3000 teeth is swimming alongside you. I’d rather jump out of a plane than swim in open water. The seven oceans will never be conquered, they are the true final frontier on mother earth. So the next time you’re riding an adrenaline high and decide to do some water sports, stick to a lake.