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Watchlist 9/28

Stocks to watch for the week of 9/28

Lucifer Morningstar

We've reached 1 million deaths worldwide (out of 7.8b people, just saying) because someone decided to eat a bat, er, I mean because of the pandemic. So not only is there a sickness that has reached new highs now but just six days ago CBS Boston reported an infestation of rats. And they have COVID too.

Kidding, sort of. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened.

So we have that going, we also have news of Breathe day.

And lastly, $TOPS because it's shippers season, as always. And this chart popped up on my scanner with 50% insider transaction, which made me want to look into it. Its chart is also more beaten down than The New York Giants.

$SNES - SenesTech is a pest control company, whom recently PR'd about this product called Contrapest. The Boston rats are going short.

  • Chart recently broke out on the daily
  • looks like it was being accumulated, maybe they'll let it run to $3 again.
  • Crossed the MA(50).
  • Bullish hammer on the last candle.

$UONE- Urban One is a radio company, known for being the leading voice speaking to Black America for the past 35 years. May receive hits based off of BLM movements, it's shown to run to the $40's.

  • Plenty of buying volume this month, above average.
  • Spinning top candlestick, showing indecisiveness on the last candle, with high selling volume.
  • May have found the MA(200) as support.
  • The MA's look to cross at some point in the near future, following the pattern.

$TOPS - TOPS SHIPS owns tanker vessels throughout the world. They focus on the transportation of petroleum products and dirty bulk liquid chemicals. The world is still in recovery mode. Many energy companies are trading higher amid the strength in oil prices. TOPS has also regained NASDAQ compliance of staying over $1.

  • Bottomed out chart
  • Two green volume days in a row, sellers exhausted
  • RSI looking to climb out of oversold territory
  • Shippers are annoyingly volatile and throw offerings all the time. Keep in mind. However, TOPS aren't allowed to do any more offerings for a year.