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Washington Football Team to Change Their Name in 2022

The Washington Football Team is asking fans to submit their ideas for a new name and logo.


For one more season, Washington DC will be the home to the most boring name in sports. To be honest, Washington Football Team has grown on me. It's so simple and boring that it's good.

They created a website,, for fans to submit their ideas for a new name and logo. For a franchise that's deprived its fans of success and make them go to FedEx Field, it's pretty cool to see them get involved.

Out of the featured submissions, my favorite was Washington Red Wolves or Washington Justice. The Red Wolves could have a sick logo and Justice sounds like a bunch of badass superheroes ready to go to war.

The Washington Football Team has been very relevant the past two weeks. First, there was a rumor Jeff Bezos wanted to buy the team. I don't think that'll happen because I don't think Dan Snyder would ever sell the team. We then had their cheerleaders settling for the scandal Washington had the last offseason. They then fired cheerleaders over a faceless zoom call, according to this report.

Lastly, Alex Smith told GQ the team didn't want him and didn't want to give him a chance.

If Dwayne Haskins didn't piss away his opportunity, Smith would've never had his chance. Coming off a brutal leg injury and entering the season at age 36, no shit they didn't want to give you a chance. That's just the business of the game that sucks. I'm glad he was able to prove his team wrong, letting them know he still has a little gas left in the tank.

Hopefully, this new name change is a sign of change. The DMV area deserves a good football team. They have a passionate fan base and don't deserve the garbage they've gone through the past two decades. It seems they're finally turning the corner with Ron Rivera, so let's hope this name change is a symbol for a better future.

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