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Was LeBron's theory about players getting injured right?

With Giannis going down, was LeBron's theory about players getting injured right?

Stephen A. Bayless

Giannis became the latest victim of NBA superstars getting hurt in the playoffs. In a game where Trae Young was already out, Giannis suffered a lower leg injury during game four of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Nothing is official yet, but it seems like Giannis will be out for the rest of the playoffs. Brutal for a guy that seemed like he had a real good chance to win his first title.

Giannis now joins Kawahi, Harden, Kyrie, AD, and more as superstars that went down in the playoffs. Remember a few months ago, when LeBron said the NBA started too early? And the result was all these injuries?

He has somewhat of a point. I'm sure the NBA starting early has some impact on these injuries. I feel like most of these injures have been freak accidents. Also, this is 100% LeBron trying to use this as an excuse for his first-round exit. At the end of the day, it was all about the NBA trying to make up some lost revenue. I know LeBron knows a thing or two when it comes to turning a profit.

Just unfortunate to see another superstar go down. As the remaining teams focus on winning a championship, we all know LeBron is focused on something else at this point.

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