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Walmart Employee Stabbed Over Milk Price

This is considered a slow day for Walmart employees.


I’d rather spend a night in a federal prison than spend three hours in a Walmart. It’s rare to hear any news about the retail company that is not downright ridiculous. Whether it's people storming the store like it’s D-day, hilarious photos of the patrons, or news of chaos, it’s fair to say Walmart has a reputation. Yesterday a man entered Walmart to purchase a gallon of milk. However, when the cashier rang him up and told him his total, he decided to stab her in the head.


Thankfully it was a small foldable knife and the cashier is in stable condition. The man sat down and waited for the police after his tantrum, and is now in jail with a $500,000 bond. I will never understand the motivation behind crimes like this. You woke up, needed some milk, and decided to potentially ruin someone's life and your own because of this? If someone wants to throw away their own life that's their right, but to stab a stranger makes you a special type of scumbag.


Unfortunately we have to share our world with psychos, so all we can do is be prepared. Don’t go on walks alone at night, don’t accept rides from strangers, and apparently avoiding the hungover crowd at Walmart are all easy ways to stay away from danger. Considering Target and Amazon exist, it shouldn't be too hard to avoid the cesspools of poverty, disease, and violence. As for me, I’d feel safer in a rave than a Walmart mid-pandemic, so I’ve been avoiding the superstores. If for some reason you find yourself in a Walmart, keep in mind they sell machetes for under $10.