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Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow reunite in Jacksonville

Tim Tebow makes his return to the NFL.


Tim Tebow refuses to stay out of the spotlight. After failing as an NFL QB, he decided to become a professional baseball player. He couldn't even get called up to sell some tickets in September after the Mets were eliminated from playoff contention. Now, Tebow has decided to take another shot at football. This time, as a tight end. Something he should've done a long time ago.

Looking back on it, Tebow probably would've lasted in the NFL if he was a Taysom Hill type of player, right? He had the physical tools to be that swiss army type of player. Is that how Urban is going to utilize him? It's just ridiculous Tim Tebow is back in the NFL.

Also, the relationship Urban and Tebow are going to have is like a father-son, player-coach type of relationship. There's no chance Tebow gets an opportunity to play anywhere else. If he doesn't get cut, is Tebowing going to make a comeback?

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I hope not.

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