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UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov Picks

Picks and predictions for UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Shawn Craymen

Ciryl Gane vs Alexander Volkov

We’re dealing with two big heavyweights here. While big heavyweights usually have high finishing rates, Gane and Volkov aren’t necessarily there to knock the other guy out, but more to win a fight, big difference. While Volkov is the bigger of the two, Gane won’t have such a massive size disadvantage he can’t overcome. Regardless of size, Gane is far more technically sound. He’s undefeated as a kickboxer, knows when to engage and when not to, and has shown a strong ability to grapple opponents. Gane by decision.

Gane Decision: +188

Renato Moicano vs Jai Herbert

Moicano has fallen on some hard times. At one point, thought to be a future perennial top 5 fighter at featherweight, he’s been dropping fights lately. However, the only thing getting dropped in this fight is Jai Herbert’s back on the canvas. Moicano is just a level above what Jai brings, and I see Moicano coming back to the winner’s column with this fight.

Moicano: -250