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Uber Driver Coughed on, Assaulted, and Pepper Sprayed by Passengers

I'm just glad it wasn't Jersey for once.


This must be the worst time to be an Uber driver. Not only do you have to deal with the typical BS that comes with letting strangers in your car, you now have to worry about catching a potentially deadly disease from one of the animals sitting in the backseat of your vehicle. I took my first Uber in a while recently and it was very forward with the fact I had to wear a mask for the duration of the ride. It even made me agree to the new terms. All of this is to ensure everyone's safety.

Now of course I’m not talking about Uber safety protocols for no reason. I’d also never bring them up if they were working without a hitch. The only remaining reason is, you guessed it, someone broke the rules on camera! I’ve seen plenty of videos of people being ridiculous in Ubers but this one is just another tier above the rest. I mean, these women are literally the scum of society. Purposely trying to infect a stranger with a disease that has a chance to kill him, attempting to steal from him, then assaulting him. It’s the holy trinity but for scumbags. After they left the car, one girl stuck her arm back into the vehicle and pepper sprayed the man before running off.

Make A Gif

It doesn’t matter if these women are caught or not, this man will not be properly compensated for what he went through. It’s times like these where an old fashioned eye for an eye rule should come back into play. Right now they are banned from Uber, and if they are caught I doubt they will do any serious jail time. I say you let the man pepper spray them and steal their phones. Maybe rough up their cars a little bit. The right punishment for the crime.

I just don't get why these women even got into an Uber. They knew the rules, they knew that unless the driver was a complete pushover this would be an issue. They were either drunk, looking to cause a problem, or realistically, both. This is the first time I've ever used this term unironically but this makes me lose faith in humanity. If you wanna be an asshat in your own time be my guest, but leave someone working alone. The guy is just trying to make a buck and he doesn't need your pleas for attention. The woman even uploaded her own perspective, as if that would help her case.

I’ve seen the internet hunt down innocent people, how about we put that power towards a good cause and get these clowns off the street. The thought of having to sit in a car they sat in sends chills down my spine, so if I can avoid that I’ d be ecstatic.