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Trump vs Biden: The Real Ratings King

Two millionaires duel for the presidency. The winner? Cable companies.


Last night the presidential candidates held separate town halls in an attempt to show how they will help unite the nation. Trump’s town hall being aired on NBC and Biden's on ABC. I could go on for hours about how neither of these two represent our nation as a whole, but if I wanted to bore you like that I’d just turn on a mid-season Knicks game. What I came here to talk about are viewership numbers. Since Trump is the self-proclaimed “Viewership King” it would be utterly pathetic if his numbers were lower than the crooks on ABC. Well Donny boy, I’ve got some bad news.

According to early numbers, Joe Biden eked out a win in both households and total viewers. I got this data from TV-Line and Advanced Television. According to my sources:

  • Joe Biden had 6.9 million US households tune in, while Trump had 6.3 million US households tuned in.

  • As for total viewership, Biden had 12.3 million total viewers, while averaging a robust 2.6 demo rating. Meanwhile Trump drew 10.4 million total viewers, along with a 1.7 demo rating

As a man who prides himself on his HUGE viewership numbers, that's gotta hurt. Say what you want about the man, the one thing you can't deny is that he boosts television ratings. Now of course we are talking about the President of the United States and not a Grey's Anatomy star, so does it really matter? Seeing as the early numbers indicate a meaningless win for Biden, what is Trump really good for if not ratings? It's certainly not paying back debts or keeping Americans alive amidst a pandemic, that's for sure. And as it turns out, Joe Biden already has him beat on the sniffing children front. I guess Trump will have to wipe away the tears from this loss with freshly printed Benjamins.

Full transparency, I didn't watch either of the town halls so all I can speak to is the early reported numbers. The reason being that I already submitted my ballot in the mail. With all the reports coming out about mail-in ballots, I'm not even sure if my vote will be counted or just dumped into a river. Regardless, it's not like I missed out on on much. If I had to guess, it was just two senior citizens dancing around hard-hitting questions with well-rehearsed answers and deflection.

It feels as if with each passing election America loses credibility. After the smashing success that was Cheeto vs. a Puppet in 2016, the sequel was immediately green-lit and slated for 2020. Not sure how I feel about the recast for the puppet, but I'll be damned if it isn't at least a bit entertaining.