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Tiger Woods Involved In Car Crash

Tiger Woods was injured in a single-car accident earlier this morning.


Man, this just sucks. We're about two months out from the Masters and this happens. Terrible news, especially with him coming off his fifth back surgery.

Definitely a scary scene when firefighters need to get you out of the car using the "jaws of life". There's currently no update on how Tiger's doing, but he was transported to a hospital to treat his injuries.

Honestly, I thought we were way past Tiger getting into car accidents. Watching the Tiger documentary on HBO a few weeks ago, it was a little depressing seeing him let go of himself so much during his scandal years. Finally seeing him competing again and looking healthy made me think he had a chance to catch Nicklaus' major record.

As I'm writing this, more news and pictures are coming out.

Hopefully, his injuries aren't too serious. Looking at the pictures and reading the reports, it's not looking good.


According to his agent, Mark Steinberg, Tiger is currently in surgery and suffered multiple leg injuries. Prayers up to Tiger.

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