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There's still a chance the Tokyo Olympics can get canceled due to COVID problems

Can the Olympics really get canceled again? With about one week left, there's still a chance with COVID numbers rising.


We're a little over a week away from the Olympics kicking off. Even with the games right around the corner, there are still some major hurdles that need to be crossed.

As the athletes start filing into Tokyo, there were some major questions that needed to be answered. How do you control COVID inside the Olympic Village? How are sex-crazed athletes supposed to have sex with cardboard beds? At least one of the questions was answered.

With the anti-sex beds myth debunked, we now shift our focus on COVID. There have been many athletes that have tested positive for COVID-19 already. On top of that, major sponsorships have backed out of plans for the opening ceremony. The South African men's soccer team has been hit with COVID so bad, they might not be able to field an 11 man team by the time they play their first game. It appears that every country participating in the Olympics has some type of COVID problem they're dealing with. As of now, there are about 67 cases of COVID since athletes started to arrive on July 1st.

I'm not the biggest Olympics guy. I like to watch the big events like the 100 meter dash, swimming, and watch USA dominate in basketball (even though I'm starting to get some 2004 vibes from this team). It would still be a bummer to see the Olympics canceled. It's great to flip on and kill some time before going to bed depending on how the time zones work out.

Hopefully the Olympic committee can figure it out so we can watch Simone Biles do a crazy double 360 front back flip spinorama. Whatever this move is called. It's sick.