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Theo Epstein Steps Down as Cubs GM

Rumors are swirling about what's next for Theo Epstein.


I feel like this news was coming sooner rather than later. It seemed like the Cubs are ready to tear it down and rebuild another contender. An idiotic move considering this core brought the Cubs their first world championship in over 100 years.

Where does Epstein go now? The man who broke not only one, but two curses. The answer seems pretty obvious to me. There's a team in Flushing going through a major organizational rebrand. Yes, the New York Mets are looking for their new GM to right the ship. For Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson, hiring a competent GM is going to be key.

The Mets already have a leg up on everyone. While the 29 other teams were financially impacted by COVID-19; the Mets have all the money in the world to spend. With a very good free agent class, this offseason is key moving forward. Did I forget to mention Steve Cohen is the richest owner in all of baseball?

Epstein has gone through organizational rebrands. He did it with both the Red Sox and the Cubs. It's a match made in heaven. Mets fans have been rock hard ever since the news broke that Cohen was the new owner. I don't know what Mets fans would do if they got the best executive in the game.

They are rumors Theo might retire too. Apparently, he's not the most normal person in the world. Regardless, Mets fans must be salivating over the fact they could land Theo Epstein. After all the years of suffering through bad executives, the Mets are on the cusp of something special.

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