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The USGA needs to pair Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau at the U.S. Open

After a Brooks Koepka interview clip went viral, the golf world needs Koepka vs. DeChambeau.


I'm sure everyone saw this clip that went super viral last night.

There's no secret these two despise each other. No question, the best rivalry in golf right now. Based on past interviews, it seems like Brooks hates everything about Bryson. His approach to the game, his play-style, and his personality. I'm a Brooks guy. Everything about Bryson irks me. Don't get me wrong, he's awesome to watch off the tee. I just hate his overall approach to the game. He's also the most unaware guy on the tour. I think Bryson genuinely believes he's the coolest guy in the world.

With all that being said, Bryson completely rattles Brooks in this video. Just seeing Bryson absolutely disgusts Brooks. People are arguing about what made Brooks so rattled. If you listen closely, you can hear Bryson say something. Others are saying it's because of Bryson's metal spikes banging on the concrete. I think Bryson said something. I don't think Brooks would get that rattled just because Bryson walked by.

The golf world needs Brooks vs. Bryson at the U.S. Open. Bryson is the defending champ, and Brooks already has two U.S. Open titles under his belt. Imagine the shit-talking? Brooks chirping about Bryson's slow play or analytics as he tries to read a green. Get those two mic'd up and it will become must-watch television. The hate goes both ways too.

Bryson also posted this weird workout video on his Instagram story after the clip went viral.

What even is this exercise?

We need a pairing with these two at Torrey Pines next month. Whether it's the first day or, if we're lucky enough, a final pairing on Sunday.

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