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The NFL Needs to Pass the Number Rule Proposal

Which players do you want to see in single-digits?


It was reported a few weeks ago that the NFL may allow other positions to wear single-digits. If the proposal passes, it means players other than QBs, punters, and kickers can wear single-digit numbers. When the report came out, it seemed like a lot of players were on board with the rule change.

Imagine Jalen Ramsey rocking #8? Or Christian McCaffery wearing #5 again? Man would that look awesome on the field. It was always weird for me that the NFL has number restrictions. Why should it matter? It's like telling a center in the NBA that he can only wear a number from 40-99.

There are so many college legends that rocked single digits. If the NFL let Reggie Bush wear #5, I'm convinced he would've been a first-ballot Hall of Famer. The owners and Roger Goodell screw the players over enough. Let them wear single-digit numbers.