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The New York Mets are back to being a dumpster fire

After the Mets second-half slide, Javy Baez had some words for Mets fans.


When Steve Cohen first took over, I thought the Mets were finally going to crawl out of being basement dwellers. An owner who could finally treat a New York baseball team as the big market club they are. The days of their owners being scammed by a Ponzi scheme finally seemed to be over.

It started off great for the Mets. They made some big-time offseason moves and were in first place through the All-Star break. Now, the team is back to looking like  a disheveled franchise. No one knows if Jacob deGrom is going to throw another pitch. Francisco Lindor is still battling injuries and can't stay on the field. Steve Cohen is venting his frustrations about the team on Twitter. They are now 22-32 since the beginning of July, seeing their first-place lead evaporate.

With everything that's been happening on the field, the drama continues off of it.

Javy Baez has been in New York for less than a month, and he's already complaining about the fans. Earlier in the season, Francisco Lindor also talked about not liking to be booed by the home crowd.

No one likes to get booed. I understand that. These guys understand they play in New York now, right? This isn't Cleveland or Chicago where the fans are nice mid-westerners who give you a pat on the back if you strikeout. New York fans will let you hear it if you don't perform on the field. It doesn't matter if you're a superstar or not. Just ask Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge in the Bronx when they get in bad slumps.

This comment will only make Baez get booed even harder the next game. Do you know what's going to stop the booing? Winning games and scoring some runs for once. Maybe they will stop booing then.

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