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The national anthem at the Islanders-Bruins game was electric

America looked all the way back when the Islanders crowd took over the national anthem.


As COVID rates go down and vaccination rates going up, we're getting normalcy back in our lives. Dare I say that America is back?

Last night, before the puck dropped for game six of the Islanders vs. Bruins, the Coliseum crowd gave us an electric national anthem. Long Island's finest belted out the national anthem with singer Nicole Raviv giving anyone watching a patriotic boner.

This is America. 10,000+ fans belting out the national anthem. Great job by Raviv of having the sense of the moment and letting the crowd take over. The national anthem is still the greatest pump-up song in sports.

As for the game, the Islanders pumped the Bruins 6-2 to move onto the Eastern Conference Finals, taking on the defending champs the Tampa Bay Lightning. With the Islanders and Nets making noise in the playoffs, New York sports are feeling alive again this spring.

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