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The Los Angeles Rams Draft House Is the Most LA Thing Ever

The Rams have a draft house for this year's NFL Draft.


It's nice to see the Rams embrace the Los Angeles culture. Since the Rams moved back from St.Louis, I'm sure they've tried everything possible to relate with the people of LA. What's more relatable than having a content house? 🏡

We have the Sway House, Hype House, and many more who dance shirtless and make seductive looks to the camera. The Rams took a page out of their playbook. I wouldn't be surprised to see Sean McVay break out a few dance moves leading up to the draft.

The house looks incredible though. The draft is a grind. Breaking down hours of film on hundreds of prospects can take a toll on you. Might as well do it at a resort-like house, right? When the draft rolls around next week, we'll see how productive the Rams front office and coaching staff were. For me, it would be impossible to focus when it's 80 degrees with a beautiful pool. Especially with the views in Malibu.

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