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The internet can no longer make fun of Charles Barkley's golf swing

It appears Charles Barkley has fixed his swing.


One of the biggest jokes on the internet for the past decade was Charles Barkley's golf swing. Barkley arguably had the worst swing of all time. A 95-year-old who never swung a golf club has a better swing than Barkley.

Giphy Images
Giphy Images

Whenever Barkley was at a charity golf event, all people did was laugh at his swing and post it all over the internet. His swing was so bad, I question how a former professional athlete looks so uncoordinated. After this video, people can no longer clown Barkley for his golf swing.

Chuck looking smooth! He apparently drilled his drive right down the middle of the fairway. Underneath that tweet, it was reported that Barkley is now a single-digit handicap after working with a swing coach. Must be nice to be a millionaire who can hire a swing coach to make you a single-digit handicapper. If we know anything about golf, the yips can come back to haunt you at any time. So maybe we will see a hitch in Chuck's swing again down the road.

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