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The iCar is Coming

A wishlist from the average consumer for the iCar


The Apple car is all but confirmed. We’ve known for years that Apple is looking to compete with Tesla, but it is nice for rumors to finally start leaking out of Cupertino. Obviously to become Tesla’s main competitor you need to look at cars in a different light. Instead of gas-guzzling beasts, you need to create a piece of self-driving technology with a sleek exterior. I could sit here and talk about specs, design, etc., but I’m sure you’ll fall asleep to 30-minute long YouTube videos discussing those topics. Instead, I’m going to list my most desired features to make this car stand out from the rest.

Elite Interior Camera

This has huge potential. Apple loves to outdo themselves with cameras on each iteration of the iPhone, and I'm sure the iCar will be no different. I can already see all the selfies (photos?) posted from the mounted camera that captures every seat perfectly and seamlessly uploads the photo to all socials. Not to mention you could answer a FaceTime call while driving, however you probably shouldn't be able to see the other person's face until you are at a complete stop.

iPad Built Into The Dashboard

This one is a gimme. Cars already have massive screens built into their dashboards and for Apple to design an iPad-esc system for their car should be easy enough. I'm talking advanced Apple CarPlay, internet access, iMessage, the whole nine yards.

Full Interior Wireless Charging

Cars are already coming out with wireless charging, typically an indent on the center console. Right now you can only fit one phone on these locations at a time, however the iCar is rumored to be released earliest 2024, but realistically 2028. By this time I want them to create the next step in wireless charging. The second I enter my car, I want my phone, MacBook, AirPods, etc. to start charging.

Hideous exterior, but the interior is probably amazing

Fundamentally Change Car Interiors

The interior for a car has more or less stayed the same for decades. Forward facing seats, a center console, a dashboard, and a glove box. You enter a car from a different continent and situate yourself almost immediately. However with the rise of self-driving vehicles, the interior design could change. It's not all going to happen at once, but eventually when the car drives itself all the time, you don't need to face forward. While I do predict cars will essentially become mobile living rooms at one point, that wont be in 2028. However, I do want Apple to take the first steps towards the new standard. I've seen cars with TVs, tables, and mini-fridges but they are typically gimmicks. I want the iCar to feel like an extension of your home. Comfortable interior, modern conveniences, grippy retractable tables. There are plenty of options here, but if anyone can take a modern norm and turn it into something user friendly that is revolutionary yet somehow familiar, its Apple.