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The Houston Texans finally make Deshaun Watson available. Where will he go?

The Texans officially make Deshaun Watson available. Who's going to trade for him?


Deshaun Watson reported to training camp last week, avoiding a $50,000 fine for every day he sits out. He's obviously had a crazy offseason. After requesting a trade at the beginning of the offseason, Watson was hit with 20+ sexual assault cases. Those cases are still pending settlement, or Watson can take it to court.

Everyone knows Watson is going to get traded, the question is when. With training camp opening up for all 32 teams this week, Houston is now willing to part ways with him. If you're a team looking to upgrade at QB, is it worth taking a swing at him? On the field, he's obviously one of the best QBs in the league. Are you willing to take on the extra things that have happened off the field too? Watson is most likely going to get suspended. Is he going to get the typical four-game suspension? Or is Goodell going to actually punish Watson for what he did?

Despite all the question marks and luggage that comes with Watson, a team is obviously going to take a crack at him. Here are some interesting options below.


After moving on from Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson, the Eagles are in rebuild mode. With Jalen Hurts still a huge question mark, the Eagles certainly have the draft capital to get a trade done.

Howie Rosman traded up and down the draft this year. The Eagles can have three first-round picks next year. They have two, one from the Dolphins and their own. If Carson Wentz plays over 70% of his snaps, the Colts second-round pick turns into a first. Do Jalen Hurts and three first-round picks get it done? Looking at every team's draft capital, the Eagles can give the Texans the best offer.


Is it really Tua time in Miami?

I feel bad for the kid. He was a top-five pick last year, and people are ready to move on from him. Too bad no one cares about your feelings in the NFL. This Dolphins team is ready to win now. If they had better QB play last season, they would've made the playoffs. Are the Dolphins going to be patient with Tua? Or are they ready to ship him off to Houston and get a sure thing in Watson?

With no first-round pick next year, it's going to be hard for Miami to give Houston an enticing trade. Does Miami have enough to pry Watson out of Houston? It depends how much the Texans front office values Tua or any of the other young pieces Miami has.


The Broncos have been linked to Aaron Rodgers all offseason. As the summer days go by, it seems like the Packers are pretty firm on not trading Rodgers. If they can't get Rodgers, are they going to have their eyes on Watson?

They have a good roster. It's just that no one believes Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater are long-term answers in Denver. With a good defense and young weapons on offense, the Broncos could be a scary team if they had good QB play. This could be George Paton's first big move as Broncos GM.

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