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The Cleveland Indians are now the Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland Indians announced their name change and boy does it stink.


Nothing like a good old Friday news dump...

It was reported earlier this year that the Indians were going to change their name. Today, they released a video saying their new name moving forward will be the Cleveland Guardians. Guardians. Blah. It seems like they got lazy and settled on Guardians because it ended in "ians" like Indians.

The video was pretty epic. They brought out the big guns and had Tom Hanks narrate. I think that helps softens the blow on how boring "Guardians" is. Also very strategic to release the news on a Friday morning, when half the country already has their mind on the weekend.

The logo still looks the same. It's clear that Cleveland didn't want to go through a major rebrand.

That logo with a G looks like a generic logo in a video game when you create a new franchise.

It's odd they announced this midseason. They couldn't wait until the offseason and try to come up with something better? It was announced the name change will take place starting next season. Take notes Washington Football Team. Don't rush into a new name and logo.

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