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The Bears QB Woes Continue...

The Chicago Bears are still on a long journey to find their franchise QB.


There are a few franchises that can't figure out the QB position. Whether it's Washington, Jacksonville, or Cleveland, they can't find that QB to lead them for a decade-plus. Maybe Cleveland has something in Baker Mayfield. Hopefully, one of the most touted prospects of all time can help Jacksonville when they select Trevor Lawrence this upcoming draft.

We also have Chicago. Yes, one of the most historic franchises in the NFL. The team that's been around since 1920. Who's the best QB in their franchise? McMahon? Grossman? Cutler? They've struggled for over a century to find their franchise QB. I know everyone mentions this all the time, but this day haunts Bears fans every day.

Drafting the wrong guy is one thing. But trading up AND picking the wrong guy? That's a world of pain. Especially when the two QB's they passed up are elite.

Recently, Russell Wilson to the Bears rumors picked up heavy steam. Wilson kinda requested a trade and put Chicago on his list of teams he would go to. After a few weeks of speculation, the Bears made a move for a Pro-Bowl QB.

So yeah, the QB carousel continues in Chicago. We're going to get an intense QB battle between Andy Dalton and Nick Foles. Spin zone: How many teams in the NFL can say they have a QB battle between two former Pro-Bowlers?

It was later reported the Bears did indeed try to make a push for Wilson, but Seattle said no thanks.

According to reports, the Bears offered multiple first-round picks and players in an attempt to acquire Wilson's services.

For Bears fans, I feel like the only hope is to tank and pray Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are fired by the end of the year. Who knows, maybe you end up with the 1st overall pick to land Sam Howell and finally get out of QB purgatory.

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