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The '90s Was the Best Time To Be a Kid

Before social distancing, the dot-com bubble, and iPhones in our pockets, we had good old-fashioned fun: the '90s.

Shawn Craymen

Anyone else remember waking up at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, pouring milk into a giant bowl of Lucky Charms in your Power Rangers pajamas and plopping right down on the couch to watch Nicktoons? Those were the easiest times, with some of the best cartoons in history.


How about feeling like a rockstar after punching a hole through your Capri Sun on the first try?

Here's my top five best reasons to be a kid in the '90s:

5.  Friday movie night


Back when you didn't have Netflix or Hulu, you had to rent movies. Friday nights with the family watching TV were some of the best times.

4.  Rocking a Tamagotchi


Raising your very own pet before your parents let you have a dog. These virtual pets were some of the best shared memories with friends. I remember having pet play dates, now I'm stuck walking a dog in negative two degree weather. This and Nintendogs were some of the best pets I've had.

3.  Using the internet


Using the computer, let alone the internet, was one of the most mind boggling things for me as a kid. Teletubbies games, AOL dial up sounds and Windows 98 were what I remember with the computer. Even though the internet wasn't invented in the '90s, that's when it took off.

2.  Playing your Game Boy


Begging your mom to take you to Toys“R”Us to buy some new games, Game Boys defined my childhood (probably explains a lot). I used to love playing Pokémon and Mario games. No Game Boys, no party.

1.  The best candy


Ring Pops, Baby Bottle Pops and Push Pops were all made in the '90s. Kids like myself would get into crazed sugar rushes all day long. At one point, they were banned in school. The '90s definitely had some of the most fun candy.

It goes without saying that we had the best cartoons in history. Kids now will never know what it was like to rush home after school and put on GOOD Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Thank God for reruns online because otherwise a national treasure would be lost.