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Thank You, Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers retires after 17 NFL seasons.


It's something we all saw coming. I wanted to lie to myself that he would come back for one more year. But after seeing how he looked against the Bills, we all knew it was time for him to hang it up.


Another one from the legendary 2004 draft class is gone. I think Ben will follow in the coming weeks unless he holds the Steelers organization hostage for him to return. As Rivers retires, the internet reminded us how special of a human being he is.

The most impressive thing about Rivers is his ability to talk shit without cursing. It's truly an art not many can master. When you hear athletes mic'd up, everyone curses at least five times when they're talking smack. For Rivers, it's words like dagummit, golly, and shoot that put opponents down verbally. Just like his throwing motion, his trash-talking was unique in its own way.

So what's Philly Rivers' next move? He's not going to travel the world. He's not going to be lounging on a golf course with a cigar in hand. He's going to be coaching high school football in Alabama. The perfect retirement job for him. He always talked about wanting to coach high school football like his father.

So how will you remember Philip Rivers? Will it be his nine kids you heard about every Sunday? The failed two-minute drives? How about playing in the AFC Championship game on a torn ACL? For me, I'll remember Rivers as one of the most unique players to ever play the game. From his throwing motion to personality, he's a one of a kind player and person.

Thank you for the memories, Philip Rivers.

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