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Terrorist Released From Prison for Being Too Fat

Being fat is now an advantage for criminals

Big Tasty

Everyone knows the justice system is backwards in the US. Some people can ruin millions of lives and not even pay a fine, others get caught with a minuscule amount of drugs and spend decades in prison. At this point I’ve come to expect white-collar criminals to spend three years maximum in prison, what I don’t expect however is terrorists to spend less time in jail than drug dealers. This week, one of Bin Laden’s “henchman” was freed from prison because they believed due to his obesity, they wouldn’t be able to protect him from COVID-19.

First of all, “henchman” is one of the most degrading positions one can hold. Typically that means you're just low-ranking cannon-fodder who has no value to an organization. Secondly, how come we are feeding criminals enough that they can be morbidly obese? I just feel like in jail you shouldn’t have access to enough food that you can leave prison from over-eating.

Bary’s immigration lawyer told the New York Times last month, “After all this time, all Mr. Bary wants is to enjoy a quiet life with his family.”

The reason this man is in jail is that in 1998 he bombed two US embassies in Africa, killing 224 people. He was captured by the British and held there, fighting extradition all the way until 2015, when he was charged and given a 25-year prison sentence. He received a “credit” for all the years he spent in a British prison. It terrifies me that one of the most successful murderers in recent history is currently roaming free while the Tiger King is still in prison.

I guess the blueprint to get out of prison has officially been leaked. Just stuff your face until they release you. While I'm sure the five years spent in an American prison were grueling for the 5'6, 230 pound man, now he can live out his days with his family.