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Ted Cruz Escapes to Mexico While the Snow Shuts Down Texas

Texas Senator, Ted Cruz flees to Cancun while Texas continues to be shut down.


I'm sure everyone knows about what's going on in Texas. Millions are still without power, looking for any type of assistance to come their way. I'm sure the government is hard at work for them right?

Ted Cruz said fuck the snow, I'm going to Cancun. What's good with politicians from Texas being scumbags? Remember when the mayor of Austin told everyone to stay home and then got caught going to Cabo?

I hate every politician. I don't care if they're Democrat or Republican, they all suck. There's something about Ted Cruz that rubs me the wrong way though. I think 90% of that is because this meme gets posted every time he's in the news.

This video also made me cringe.

As the senator of Texas, how can you leave the state when people are literally dying from this snowstorm? The whole state looks like a scene out of The Day After Tomorrow.

Hold on, we have an UPDATE. While I was looking for more Cruz tweets, I saw this update.

Cruz got caught red handed and pressured to come home to do his job. Seeing him get roasted at his press conference is going to be a must watch.

This guy literally acts like he's the rich supervillain from a movie.

Anyways, although what Ted Cruz did was super scummy, it was kind of relatable. Am I going to get canceled for saying that? Whenever it gets cold, most people look to escape to a tropical island. So in a way, does this make Ted Cruz more relatable?

I hope this leads to him resigning so I never have to see his dumb face again. It feels like he's been the senator of Texas for the past 50 years. I'm sure the people of Texas agree with me after this move.

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