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Tampa Bay Championship Parades Are a Vibe

Tampa Bay hosts the chillest championship parades.


The best part of your team winning a championship is the parade. Every city puts its unique twist. Whether it's duck boats in Boston or going down the Canyon of Heroes with ticker tape in NYC, parade day is the best time to be a fan.

Tampa Bay became the city of champions in 2020-2021. Unfortunately, they needed to adjust their championship celebrations due to COVID. Was it for the better?

Tampa got a blueprint when the Lightning won the Stanley Cup. Although it didn't look like your traditional parade, it looked pretty awesome.

You got the players chilling on boats, chugging beers, and just dudes being dudes. You even got some players riding around on their jet skis. It looks like a bunch of college kids enjoying their summer break. A straight-up vibe as they call it.

Now that the Bucs are Super Bowl champions, they plan to have their boat parade at 1 pm today.

I mean, Brady copped a $2 million boat just to celebrate with the fellas. Must be a lot different than freezing his ass off on a duck boat in Boston.

Every miserable prick that lives in the cold envies this Tweet. The things people would do to be on the water with Brady right now...

Can't even imagine how many beers Gronk is going to crush today. Probably safe for him to have a life-jacket on. Between him and Arians, the city of Tampa will have a beer drought for months.

The pirate ship boat/float is fucking awesome...

Even television reporters are vibing.

So yeah, I give Tampa Bay the crown for best championship celebration. Other cities might've been rowdier with more people. No parade matches the vibe levels with what Tampa has done. What better way to celebrate a championship than drinking on a boat? Everyone knows alcohol tastes better when they're on the water with beautiful weather.

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