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Takeaways From Super Bowl LV

From the Bucs' spectacular defense to The Weeknd's halftime show, here are our Super Bowl LV takeaways.


For the five billionth time, Tom Brady is the greatest athlete of all time. When you have more Super Bowls than any franchise in the NFL, what else do you have to prove? Why not walk into the sunset and enjoy some cold beverages with your supermodel wife? Well, that's what makes Brady different. When any sane person in the world would've retired by now, he wants more. I mean, he was acting like he won a week 7 game when he was back in the locker room.

Taking a loser franchise like the Bucs to a Super Bowl in his first year might be his greatest accomplishment. With pretty much no offseason, he was able to bring this team together and make them winners.

The game itself wasn't great. It was a blowout, but in the back of my mind, I thought the Chiefs had a comeback in them. The Chiefs never made that comeback and got blown out 31-9.

Kudos to Todd Bowles and this Bucs defense who played lights out. One of the best defensive performances I've ever seen. Devin White is an absolute star and will be a top 10 player in the league for a long time.

After Gronk scored the first touchdown of the game, the Bucs didn't look back. Brady stepped on their throats and the Chiefs slowly died. I mean, I told you guys the LOS was going to be the x-factor of this game. I was concerned about how the Chiefs were going to stop the Bucs front seven. They couldn't. Mahomes was running for his life the whole game. This stat shows you why the loss of Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz were so big for KC.

Even when he was running around, he still made some crazy throws that his receivers dropped.

The refs were abysmal last night. A lot of ticky-tack penalties that shouldn't have been called in my opinion. It hurt the Chiefs in the second quarter when it seemed like they got flagged every other play on defense. Let's not give the refs the shine they want.

Also, Tyrann Mathieu fucked up when he started to talk shit to Brady. That's like talking back to your mom when she's already pissed at you, and you know the punishment is going to 10x harder.

In his postgame interview, Mathieu claims Brady called him something he didn't want to repeat. I'm not sure how true that is, but if you come at the king you better not miss.

For me, the halftime show was eh. It didn't blow me away like some of the others, but I kinda respect The Weeknd for not having guests. Usually, performers need features to boost the show, but The Weeknd went in and did it solo. When I looked on Twitter, people either loved it or hated it. I thought it was a very solid show, but didn't blow me out of my chair. 6.3/10.

So yeah, I don't think any QB will ever touch what Brady has done. Mahomes has a chance, but I can't see it. That statement will probably bite me in the ass in 15 years when Mahomes hoists his 10th Lombardi Trophy.

That concludes a wild NFL season. For everyone who read my weekly takeaways, I want to say thank you. Hopefully, the 2021 season has a lot fewer hiccups. We'll probably see #12 hold the Lombardi Trophy for the eighth time.

Also, a message for Patriots fans: stop acting like this championship is yours. It's sad and pathetic. Tommy left you for a new, hot, girlfriend. No, "Tom Brady" cannot be your favorite football team.

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