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Takeaways From Championship Sunday

Takeaways from NFL Championship Sunday.


With Championship Sunday officially behind us, we now move onto one of the most anticipated Super Bowls in recent memory.

I can already see it. In the next two weeks, our social media timelines will be flooded with the word GOAT. Whether it's unfunny memes/jokes or serious discussion, GOAT might be the most used word on every sports media platform. I think it's a little premature to put Patrick Mahomes in that category. But we're all prisoners of the moment, and television executives need to create a narrative.

Coming into Sunday, I was fine with whatever outcome. At the end of the day, we can all agree the final four were the best four teams remaining. Either way, we were going to get a fantastic Super Bowl.


I don't know how exactly to describe this game.

The Bucs executed a great game plan against this Packers team. Tom Brady did have three interceptions, but I thought he played an excellent game. Mike Evans did his thing, Chris Godwin looked like his old self again, and Leonard Fournette does what he does best. Show up in the playoffs.

I'm not quite sure where he got the extra bounce. That run had the classic, Leonard Fournette two-yard loss written all over it. Instead, he bounced it and hit them with the spin cycle!!!

If the Bucs have any chance to win in two weeks, they need to get to Patrick Mahomes. I know it's the most cliché thing to say, but the Bucs have some DUDES on the edge with Shaq Barrett and JPP. Put Vita Vea in the mix and that's a scary defensive front. It's also worth mentioning Chiefs Left Tackle, Eric Fisher hurt his Achilles last night. JPP and Barrett were harassing Rodgers all game yesterday. If they can have a similar game, watch out for the Bucs.

Tom Brady making his 10th Super Bowl is absolutely absurd. I say this every week, but Brady playing at a high level at 43-years-old blows my mind. What's even crazier is he brought a team that are perennial losers to the Super Bowl in his first year. With a shortened offseason. Also, Tampa being the first team in history to play in their home stadium for the Super Bowl is very cool.

Let's talk about Green Bay now. Boy, oh, boy.

I'm going to start with the defense. The first thing Green Bay should do this offseason is fire Mike Pettine. My god, the Packers' defense was atrocious, just like it was in the regular season.

How do you give this touchdown up? Did the Packers forget to watch the film and not know Scotty Miller is Brady's baby when it comes to the deep ball? It was a shocker that they gave up a touchdown to end the half.

Speaking of that touchdown, Kevin King may never be allowed back in Green Bay after his performance yesterday. An all-around terrible effort and played a big part in why the Packers lost. For all the Packers fans bitching about that last PI call, it was clear and obvious.

The receiver definitely flopped, but when you see it like this you can't really complain.

Aaron Rodgers definitely didn't have his best game. Todd Bowles and the rest of the Bucs staff had an awesome game plan against Rodgers. He didn't look like his MVP self. It was also the first time we saw how important David Bakhtiari is to this Packers offense. I mentioned this earlier, but JPP and Shaq Barrett were harassing Rodgers all game long.

Matt LaFleur. How the hell do you elect to kick the field goal when you're down eight with a little over two minutes left in the game? You have one of the best offenses in the league along with the MVP. How do you not take a shot there? A cowardly call and one I'm sure will haunt him for a long time. Rodgers also missing a wide-open lane to the endzone is another haunting moment for Green Bay.

The headlines came after the game when Rodgers discussed his future with Green Bay.

If Rodgers becomes available on the market, boy oh boy. He will immediately ascend to the top for best available QB's in an already stacked group.


Well, the magical Bills season officially came to an end last night. I guess we all got caught in the Bills Mafia hype and forgot how good the Chiefs are.

I had my concerns coming into the game about Patrick Mahomes. I didn't know how he was going to play with turf toe. If you're wondering, he looked completely fine. Literally looked like regular Mahomes out there. It's actually ridiculous how good he is, and it makes me angry Kansas City gets to claim him for the next gazillion years.

We were all waiting for the Bills to have that game. In the first two rounds, the Bills didn't look like the Bills. They were hanging on, letting teams flirt with them until they delivered the knockout punch. I thought this was that game when we saw an explosive Bills offense with Josh Allen doing it both with his arms and legs. The moment looked like it might have been a little too big for Allen.

The Chiefs had a disastrous start to the game, but no lead is safe with the Chiefs. Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill might be the greatest receiving tandem of all time. It's ridiculous how productive this offense is. We're three years in and I don't think anyone has a blueprint to stop them yet.

Sean McDermott kicking field goals in fourth & short situations was aggravating. You're not going to beat the Chiefs kicking field goals. You know they're going to take that ball and march down the field when they get it back. I wish McDermott was just a little more aggressive when it came to those situations.

Lastly, this is why Bills Mafia is the best.

You guys are in good hands the next few years. Trust me. Bills Mafia will be back better than ever.

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