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New Challenge Alert: Shave your Teeth and you'll be Popular

Most of us grow out of the phase of putting random shit in our mouth by three years old. Tik Tok has proven that some people refuse to grow up


Color me surprised, but a new stupid and dangerous trend has started on the internet. This week the internet has served up some of its typical antics, this time specifically as a "Tik Tok Challenge". Kids have taken up throwing milk jugs on the ground, wait no that’s not right. Ah, this time they are using files on their teeth to achieve a perfect smile.

I could go on about how idiotic this is, pointing to the different layers of the teeth, but no one came here for a dental lecture. I wish I could say this news stunned me, but that isn’t the truth. The fact of the matter is I am completely numb to these internet challenges. This is the second time in my life filing teeth has been an issue, the first being back when people wanted to be vampires because of Twilight. I've watched people eat tide pods, drink bleach, knock out strangers as a game, and dress up as clowns and hide in the woods.

Dentists have taken to the app in an attempt to warn kids that what they're doing will have permanent effects. In my opinion, they are just wasting their breath. These kids (and young adults) know what they are doing is wrong, but they don't care. The only way to fix these little miscreants is with good parenting.

Youngsters being up to no good isn't new, it's just more visible now. They will learn the hard way that their attempts at social media fame will leave them permanently scarred. Even when they do realize, they will just be replaced with the next horde of 6-year-olds who just got an iPhone for Christmas. It's a never-ending cycle, and I for one am here to enjoy the show.