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Super Bowl Week Has Officially Kicked Off

It's officially Super Bowl Week. Today we preview the game line and national anthem over/under.


Alright, fellas. Since there were no games this week, I figured I'd do a preview of the Super Bowl. Every day for the rest of the week, I'll preview a few bets.

Of course, the first bet that I need to talk about is the coin toss. Tails never fails. Be on the lookout for promotions because handles like FanDuel and DraftKings usually have good boosts for the coin toss.


As of now, Vegas is favoring the Chiefs by 3.5 points. To be honest, I was expecting a little more after the show they put on against Buffalo.

A part of me that thinks Kansas City is going to run away with it. Mahomes and Reid go all gas no breaks, and force the Bucs to play catchup. Another part of me is saying, "how do you bet against the GOAT?"

Giphy Images

He already has six of those things. He clearly knows how to win. But does the rest of the team have what it takes? The Bucs have been perennial losers. The last time they made the playoffs, Jeff Garcia was their fucking QB. Also, playing in their own stadium adds a little extra pressure for the Bucs.

The Bucs have the advantage at the line of scrimmage. It's a story old as time. If you can get to the QB, you'll always have a chance to win. The Chiefs without both their starting tackles give JPP and Shaq Barrett a chance to feast. They disrupted the game against the Packers, taking down Rodgers five times. Add Vita Vea to the mix and the Chiefs offensive line is going to have a tough time protecting Mahomes.

As of now, I'm riding the Chiefs -3.5. My pick is going to change as the week goes on, but I can't pick against Mahomes right now. I'm like a stay-at-home mom at HomeGoods. I can't pick what size mason jar I want to put around my house.


This year's national anthem is tricky. Instead of one person singing, it's going to be a duet of Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church. Let's review both of their tapes.

So these are the only national anthem videos I can find from Jazmine Sullivan. When I searched Eric Church, I couldn't find anything.

In the first video, I clocked Sullivan in at 1:37. In the second, she was at 1:47. She tends to start very fast and drag out the end like every great anthem singer. For me, under 2 minutes at -150 is a lock. She had plenty of seconds to spare in the two videos we saw. The only thing that concerns me is Eric Church being involved and her dragging out the end because it's the Super Bowl.

Here's the history of national anthem times from the last 10 years, according to

It's been 50/50. I have a good feeling about the under after studying the Sullivan tape.

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