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Super Bowl Week Day 4: Chiefs Player Props

Our player prop picks for the Kansas City Chiefs.


Today, it's all about the Chief's player props. I'll be discussing two-player props I love (maybe three if another catches my eye).

When it comes to the Chiefs, you drool over every prop you see. Please be careful and snap out of the illusion that every Chiefs player is going to pop off. I've been a victim and it's truly aggravating when you bet a Tyreek Hill player prop that doesn't hit. I've been burned by Tyreek too many times, so I will not be putting down a player prop for him.


I have never felt so confident in my life about a bet. I might have to put my life savings on the line. Yes, it looks like a rat bet, but I DON'T CARE and I'm going for it.

In the last 10 weeks, Travis Kelce has gone under 7.5 receptions ONCE. He's put together one of the best seasons from a tight end ever. With the momentum this Chiefs offense has coming into this game, I expect Mahomes to find 87 all night long. I don't care if Devin White is lined up on the other side. We all know Kelce is going to eat.

Giphy Images


Every time I watch the Chiefs, I feel like Hardman makes at least one big play. Whether it's a punt return, a jet sweep, or reception, he has that big-play ability, especially with his speed.

Here's the tricky part. How's he going to get his yards? This bet can easily cash in after one reception. As I said, he has big-play speed and can take a slant 50 yards to the house. If the Bucs key in on Tyreek, I think that can set up Hardman for a big play. Especially with a Bucs secondary that has given up big chunk plays time and time again.


Alright, I told you guys if I found a third I'll give it to you guys.

Ever since CEH hurt his hip and ankle, he hasn't looked like the same player. Hopefully with the two-week layoff he'll be looking like his normal self again. Last year, we saw Damien Williams come up huge for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Some argued he should've been the MVP. I can see one of the Chiefs running backs have a similar type of impact. Hopefully, it's their first-round pick and not Darell Williams.

Seriously though, if Reid gives the ball to Williams inside the five, I'm going to bash my TV. It makes too much sense that CEH is going to punch one in, so it will probably be a Darrell Williams game. Goddammit, why do I do this to myself?

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